Lessons Learned from Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Throughout the month of October, you have likely encountered one or more of your daily routines or entertainment channels with an added touch of pink. The ever-present symbols of Breast Cancer Awareness are reminders for women to stay healthy, attentive, and active in the prevention and treatment of Breast Cancer.

Arnot Health is proud to have played a role this year in generating awareness of this terrible disease and kick-starting the road to detection and prevention for many women in our region. We were proud to sponsor “Pink in the Rink” at First Arena with the Elmira Jackals and offer support to the Twin Tiers Region Affiliate of Susan G. Komen on many of their October events.

One of the popular trends each year at Arnot Health is to give away a bracelet charm for those who come in for their annual mammogram. Anyone who comes in to one of our locations in Bath, Elmira, Corning, or Horseheads for the first time will receive a charm bracelet and the first charm. Those who received the bracelet last year will get a new charm this – and each subsequent year – when they come in again.

According to Deb Dininny, Breast Health Specialist at Arnot Health’s Health Center for Women, the general guideline for mammograms is to schedule an appointment at the age of 40 and each year after that. However, based on family history or increased risk, women may elect for a mammogram at a younger age.

As the month of October comes to a close, Deb reminds us that self-awareness and good health should be practiced all year. Women should be aware of changes in appearance and feel in addition to understanding their health history and choosing positive, healthy lifestyles. Those who may be nervous or anxious about screenings should know they are not alone; anxiety is normal and mammograms or other screenings are ways to provide reassurance.

All year, Arnot Health offers “Walk-In Wednesdays” for mammograms at any of our locations in Bath, Elmira, Corning, or Horseheads. If Wednesdays are not good, click here to find out how to contact the right person for Women’s Care at Arnot Health. Thank you to all of those who helped contribute and volunteer during Breast Cancer Awareness Month and we can’t wait to see those charm bracelets throughout the community!

Pink Breast Cancer Awareness Charm Bracelet

Each year, Arnot Health gives away a new charm for those who come in for their annual mammogram. This is the 2016 charm.